International Certificate Course - An introduction to Montessori pedagogy and practice and training for the role of assistant in a Montessori early childhood centre or preschool classroom. The course is also suitable and beneficial to parents.

AMI 3-6 Assistant Certificate Course

Bratislava, Slovakia

Module 1: July 13-17 / 2020

Module 2: July 20-24 / 2020

Trainer will be confirmed in the nearest future


The intention of the Assistants Course is to help interested adults become able assistants in a Montessori Children's House. The taks of the Assistant is to support and help the director/directress maintain equilibrium within the class, to observe, to learn when and how to intervene and not interfere, to acquire the ability to allow the children to become more and more independent, to gain knowledge of Montessori's understanding of Freedom and Discipline, to acquire the ability to support the development of the child by assisting the teacher.


60 hours, plus 9 additional hours of observations.
Observation is done in classrooms led by AMI 3-6 teachers and will be undertaken in the period of time between the two course modules. Students need to plan to arrange observations themselves. Observation can be done in the Czech Republic or in the student home country. Specific instruction how to observe will be given during the course.


English, translation to Czech


The Secret of Childhood, The Absorbent Mind - available in English and Czech languages The Child in the Family, Education for a New World - available in English language (Students who do not read English will receive selected quotes from these texts translated to Czech).


  1. Introduction to Montessori
  2. The Role of the Directress
  3. The Role of the Assistant
  4. Overview of the Planes of Development
  5. The Child's Mind from 0-6 years, Sensitive Periods
  6. Order: The importance of Order and Precision, Order in the development of personality
  7. Movement 0-6: Development of Movement and its significance for the child
  8. Language: Development of, also taking into account the following elements:
    1. Preparation of the adult
    2. Use of language in general
    3. Vocabulary: correct, precise, rich, scientifically exact
    4. How to listen to children
    5. How to elicit language
  9. Independence: Development of, also taking into account different levels of independence - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, as conditions for interdependence
  10. Prepared environment: Home and Casa dei Bambini (the physical and the intangible)
  11. Freedom and Discipline: Understanding the concept of Freedom from Montessori point of view and the growth of Discipline as inner development
  12. Social Development
  13. Observation and its relevance (technique and recording of)
  14. Music and Art
  15. Maintaining the environment (indoor and outdoor)

Some time will be be dedicated to the reading and discussion of Maria Montessori's texts relevant to topics given.


Practice of basic movements such as walking within environment, carrying trays, chairs, materials etc. Opening and closing doors, drawers, etc., as model for the children in a Montessori Prepared Environment. Essential grace and courtecy - greeting children, giving appropriate assistance in cloacroom, etc. Introduction of techniques for making, mending and maintaining materials.


Submission of three papers (500 words) on topics set by the Trainer

Submission of observation report

Submission of handmade materials

Minimum of 90% attendance


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