A Survival Guide:

How to Start a 3-6 Montessori Class

with Karen Pearce

  • 1
    Fill out your details
  • 2
    Invoice issued to a company
    Check the box if you need a full invoice.
  • 3
    If your company does not have an ID number, just fill in 00000.
  • 4
    If your company does not have VAT number, leave the field empty.
  • 5
    If your ZIP is not accepted, try filling in with zero e.g., 0000, 00000, 000000. The number depends on your country ZIP system (usually 4 digits to 6 digits).
  • 6
    EU countries are on top of the list. Countries outside of EU are below.
  • 7
    Finish your order and pay
  • 8
    You will receive an email with further information about the workshop