How to start a Montessori Class

“A Survival Guide” to establishing a Montessori community during the first six weeks of the school year

How do you feel when you imagine the start of the new year?

Mixed emotions?

Are you feeling the joy of seeing the children?

The fear, possibly, of settling in new children or new team members?
We know and recognise that this time of the year is going to be busy and set with challenges.

But how can we ease this settling in period?
Join our new two day workshop:


September 7 - 8, 2019
9am - 5pm


200 Eur
5 000 Kč


Karen Pearce

Great Britain

Translated to Czech language

The workshop is created and designed for Montessori trained 3-6 guides who wish to
deepen their knowledge and develop their Montessori children’s house practice.

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Karen Pearce is Director of Pedagogy at The Montessori Place, Brighton, GB, where she mentors the Children´s House guides. She has 30 years of Children´s House experience. She lectures and runs workshops across Europe.

She also supports Montessori graduates in a post-diploma course on the science of observing children organised by Maria Montessori Institute London.


Day 1

Karen will share with you a six week developmental programme that she created
during her classroom years together with an AMI 3-6 trainer Hilla Patell.
The programme consists of teaching strategies, techniques and a clear structure
which provides a firm foundation for each child, the classroom community as a whole
and a reassurance in knowing what to do at the wake of a new school year.
It will truly support and ease your first six weeks in the children’s house year. It will change your life!

Day 2

You will reflect upon principles that guide and influence your actions in your Children’s House.

You will question and reflect on how to support each child in their capacity to choose
and what implications does this have as they travel along the path to normalisation?
What are the different types of choice that the child makes and how does our
understanding of these choices impact upon and influence our response?
It is our constant quest to know how best to support the emergence of concentration.

We will reflect upon how to develop it. How do you know what to offer? Do you truly follow the needs and interests of each child?

What are the guiding principles that steer your actions and responses?
All the principles introduced will be lead by the developmental needs of the child, a practical understanding of theory into action.

You will leave with a deeper appreciation of the theoretical principles and lots of
techniques and strategies that can be applied at the beginning of the school year.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Na sekyrce 2, Prague 6

New campus of Montessori Institute Prague. Clasrooms and students facilities in one building including relaxing zone, kitchen and dinning room.