Montessori Football

“Tennis, football and the like do not have for their sole purpose the accurate moving
of a ball but they challenge us to acquire a new skill - something lacking before - and
this feeling of enhancing our abilities is the real source of delight in the game”

Maria Montessori


November 21-22, 2019
9am - 5 pm


200 Eur
5 000 Kč


Ruben Jongkind

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Translated to Czech language

The workshop is created and designed for Montessori trained 3-6 guides who wish to
deepen their knowledge and develop their Montessori children’s house practice.

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ABOUT THE SPEAKER - Ruben Jongkind

After a career of a consultant and academic researcher in the field of organisational design, Ruben Jongkind decided to become a full-time sports trainer. Combining his experience in elite sports coaching and organisational design, Ruben was Head of Talent Development of the Ajax Football Academy from 2011-2016. His work contributed to Ajax reaching the final of the Europa League in 2017 with the youngest team ever to reach any European final and the revival of the Dutch national team with a new generation of talented young players.

During his time at Ajax, Ruben became inspired by the Montessori philosophy and itspotential to be applied to sports.

In 2018 he founded Montessori Sports ltd. together with his colleague PatrickOudejans and became the CEO Global.


What are the benefits of sports and particularly football to the Montessori child.
The concept of connecting Montessorian principles to sports and football in particular the basic tenets of a prepared football environment

You will develop your own ball skills,

How to observe the child during a football training and identify their individual progress..

Montessori Football empowers schools to let children enjoy sports and enhance their overall development in a Montessori way.

With hundreds of millions of children and adults playing and enjoying the game,  football is by far the most popular sport in the world.

Since football is universal in its appeal to children, we can tap into it to accelerate learning.

It is a scientific fact that sports can enhance physical, psychological, social and
academic development of children leading to stronger, healthier and more productive adults.

The Montessori environment is the best environment for the development of the child, therefore also for sports development.

The Montessori Football programme is unique since it focuses on training (Montessori) teachers, rather than sports trainers.

The Montessori Football program aims to reverse the traditional paradigm of youth
sports development that focuses on the coach and the result, and instead put the
child development at the centre, while incorporating Montessori teaching principles and practices.

Participants who attend the full workshop are issued an AMI Workshop for

Montessori Football (3-6) Certificate of Attendance.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Na sekyrce 2, Prague 6

New campus of Montessori Institute Prague. Clasrooms and students facilities in one building including relaxing zone, kitchen and dinning room.