The AMI-Prague Center for Research on Developmental Education presents:


Laura Flores Shaw & Steve Hughes on

The Brain Storming Seminar Recording

Laura Flores Shaw: “Montessori for All Brain Types”

Steve Hughes: "Surviving School Testing: Documenting Montessori’s Unique Outcomes

Designing optimal learning environments requires understanding the interconnective development of body, mind, and brain. No educational approach understands this better than Montessori. Find out how through this special lecture series.

Laura Flores Shaw - Montessori for All Brain Types

Designing optimal learning environments for all children requires an awareness of the interconnected growth of body, mind, and brain, and no educational approach offers a neurodevelopmental experience comparable to Montessori. Dr. Shaw brings a new, compelling, and accessible framework that helps everyone understand the unique power of Montessori pedagogy for children – with all types of brains (one hour including Q & A).

Steve Hughes - Surviving School Testing: Documenting Montessori’s Unique Outcomes

Around the world, education is at a crossroads. The Global Education Reform Movement attempts to improve school outcomes by just focusing on preparation for academic testing, and neglects experiences that promote social and emotional growth, life skills, self-knowledge, problem-solving, and character. Schools that address these wider aspects of growth are being marginalized. This is happening even as mounting evidence shows that Montessori can promote superior academic outcomes while also promoting growth of the whole child. Learn about new research that shows how Montessori helps all children learn and grow, and discover how research will help advance high-quality Montessori for children all over the world (one hour including Q & A).


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