AMI Diploma and Certificate Courses

AMI Diploma and Certificate Courses

Diploma Courses

For teachers and guides

AMI Diploma Courses are meant for current or future Montessori teachers/guides and provide the most comprehensive Montessori education there is. They last approx. 2 years, are divided into several Modules and are held in hybrid format (some modules fully online, some fully onsite). Upon successful completion, graduates receive a globally recognized AMI Montessori Diploma and are equipped to lead their own classroom.

Certificate Courses

For assistants, parents and others

AMI Certificate Courses are meant for current or future Montessori assistants. They also serve as a great stepping stone for parents, educators and other people interested in learning about Montessori education. They last approx. 10-14 days, are often held in the evenings/weekends and are mostly fully online. Successful graduates receive globally recognized AMI Montessori Orientation Certificate.

What is AMI and the AMI certification?

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is a worldwide leading authority on Montessori education. Maria Montessori founded the association herself to further her work and AMI certified courses are hence known for their high quality and integrity with Montessori's work. They are respected and acknowledged worldwide and some schools accept teachers only with AMI certified education.  Montessori Institute Prague is the only AMI certified training center in the Czech Republic.