About Our Erasmus Projects

Learning Together: Parent Education Project

Our Why:

We believe in placing children at the center of education, following the authentic Montessori method. Our goal is to provide parents with digital tools and resources that enhance their child's learning experience. By collaborating with schools and authorities, we aim to improve educational processes in schools and at home. We want to build a community where parents can find up-to-date information, share insights, learn, and grow together. Through our activities such as webinars, online modules, and staff meetings, we strive to empower educators and parents with the knowledge and strategies to implement effective Montessori-based education. 

Type: KA122-ADU - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in adult education

Duration: 18 months

End of the project:

Status: Ongoing

Our How - Project Activities:

  • We will create videos in Norway with Carla Foster and Madlena Ulrich to provide digital tools and resources for parents to support their child's education.
  • Our whole team will team visit at the AMI Annual General Meeting and we will participate in workshops on parent education. 
  • We will gather information and expertise on how to better educate parents. 
  • And we will learn how to host parent educational events so that parents benefit greatly.


Building Stronger Bilingual Programs
in Elementary Schools

Four partners were awarded a three-year grant 2022-2025 in order to create resources to support educators working in schools with bilingual programs. We are from:

  • Montessori Institute Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Learning Ecologies, OÜ (Estonia)
  • Education for Life (Spain)
  • Montessori at Work (France)

Our How - Project Activities:

We feel it is important to take a whole school approach while responding to specific needs of different constituents:  Guides, Language Specialists, School Leaders and Parents. At the center of this project is the need to create channels of communication for those working in bi/multilingual schools, to share resources, and learn from each other. 

Working with a university professor specialized in second language acquisition we are conducting research to identify effective practices in bilingual Montessori classrooms. We have also invited external professionals such as AMI trainers and literacy specialists to advise us in developing the Project Results, outlined below.

Project Objectives:

  1. Design Process Field Guide
    The purpose of this Field Guide is to offer practical examples from a whole school perspective to assist you buidling a stronger bilingual program. This will be a freely available resource to support schools and professionals. We'll keep you posted on our progress.
  2. Training Courses
    We will create and deliver specialised training courses for Montessori Guides, Language Specialists and School Leaders working in Montessori schools with bilingual programmes. Join our network via our contact form below to be informed of opportunities and dates.
  3. Community
    We are building a support network for educators in bi/multilingual Montessori schools. In Janaury 2023 we will launch a "Community Conversation" series, continue to activate our social networks and share more resources here. Sign up for our newsletter in the contact form below and watch out for upcoming events.
  4. Events and conferences
    For 2023/24 we are organizing workshops and webinars for professionals and families involved in Bilingual Montessori education.We will host an international Bilingual Montessori conference in 2024.