A Survival Guide:

How to Start a 3-6 Montessori Class

with Karen Pearce

Ease the settling in period -

start the school year with a ready-made schedule!

Structured Six-Week Developmental Program:

Obtain a detailed six-week classroom work plan designed to provide a strong foundation for both individual children and the classroom community at the start of the school year.

Effective Teaching Strategies and Techniques:

Learn practical teaching strategies and techniques developed by Karen Pearce and AMI 3-6 trainer Hilla Patell, which can be implemented during the initial weeks of the school year.

Clear Implementation Guide:

Receive a clear, step-by-step guide on how to implement the 6-week program, ensuring a smooth and supportive transition for you and your students as the new school year begins.

Reassurance and Confidence:

Build your confidence and gain reassurance in knowing exactly what to do during the first six weeks, easing your workload and enhancing the overall experience in the Children's House.


AUGUST 1 - 4 , 2024

6:00 - 8:00 PM CEST (GMT+2)




How to Get Prepared for the Upcoming School Year

The workshop will start with a reflection upon the goals of the team at the start of the school year. What are our responsibilities and roles and why are they important? What are the long term goals for the children and where do we see the children being by half term? It’s a reflective process that requires the guide to ask some questions of themselves and of their team.



The Timetable of the First Six Weeks

During this session participants will obtain a detailed breakdown of the schedule scaffolded with the role of the adult that needs to be implemented over the first six weeks at the start of the school year. Finally, conditions that need to be in place to enable the children to gain a sense of knowing what their freedoms are and how they can act with knowledge and responsibility within the Children’s House community will be discussed.



The Art of Taking a Group

How do we introduce the collective stage, as Montessori referred to it? What is going to call the child to engage and develop both themselves and that of social cohesion? How do we support the strengthening of the two psychological legs? This session will provide many teaching strategies to support the guide at the start of the year. As a practical tool to use in the classroom the workshop participants will receive a list of fun response games.



Walking on the Line

Is it possible to move our society to the place of internal peace? During this session an experiment will be offered - walking on the line every day. Simple techniques will be provided that support both social collaboration and that of the self.

Q&A included

20 minutes of Q&A during each session.

Lucy's Story

from the workshop


Karen Pearce

Karen Pearce is a Director of Pedagogy at The Montessori Place in Brighton, UK, where she mentors the first plane guides. She has 35 years of Children's House experience and she lectures and runs workshops across Europe. For 17 years she supported Montessori graduates in leading a post-diploma course on the science of observing children, organised by Maria Montessori Institute, London. Karen now offers an online Montessori mentorship program to support guides in putting theory into practice. Alongside all of this, last year Karen put her slippers back on and returned to lead a Children’s House for just over a year's maternity cover!

"Karen, thank you for sharing your experiences & wisdom with us! This will be my 3rd year as lead guide. This course has made me feel more prepared than ever. .. I am excited to implement this 6-week plan!"
Angela, 2022
"It was the most concrete workshop I have ever attended, with step-by-step guidance, examples, and hints. I am sure that this year will start off less chaotic than previous ones. Thank you very much."
Workshop participant, 2022
"It was worth it from beginning to end. It was so revitalizing to hear all your words, and the first six-week plan was amazing. It is always great to have a talented Montessorian to inspire. And that is you. Thank you so much."
Natalia, 2022
"The workshop offered useful practical information on how to start a class and also the examples/stories from Karen's experience."
Adela-Maria, 2022
"Karen, thank you so much for this very well-organized workshop, full of ready-to-use tips that bring us back to the essential: supporting the child in a positive way and guiding us as we strive to apply Montessori’s principles."
Constance, 2022
"Karen is a great speaker who has her huge theoretical knowledge blended into rich practical life experiences, and she knows how to deliver that to the audience."
Workshop participant, 2021
"I liked Karen sharing her real life experiences with us as it was easy for me to relate and understand the situations."
Workshop participant, 2021
"Karen Pearce means a guarantee of quality to me and the way she works is giving me guidance."
Workshop participant, 2021


The program is created and designed for Montessori trained 3-6 guides who wish to deepen their knowledge and develop their Montessori Children’s House practice.

    Live on Zoom
    Accessible for 3 months
    English, with Czech interpretation
    English, Czech
    Issued by Montessori Institute Prague


The workshop starts in:

The workshop starts in:


The workshop starts in:

The workshop starts in:

RECORDINGS for 1 person
47 EUR
access for 3 months after the workshop
✔ Recordings in English, Czech
✔ Access to recordings until September 30, 2024
✔ You can enjoy the workshop at a day and time that suits you best
✔ Proof of Completion issued by Montessori Institute Prague
RECORDINGS for 1 school
97 EUR
access for 3 months after the workshop
✔ Recordings in English, Czech
✔ Access to recordings until September 30, 2024
✔ You can enjoy the workshop at a day and time that suits you best
✔ Proof of Completion issued by Montessori Institute Prague
✔ Shareable within 1 school

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