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Exploring AI:

From Mainstream to Montessori

with Ondrej Cepelak

Step into the gateway of the vast world of artificial intelligence!

At this interactive workshop you will discover the roots of AI, track its fascinating evolution, and understand why it's currently experiencing a surge in popularity.
You'll learn how to communicate effectively with AI to ensure it understands your commands and delivers results that align with your expectations.
Get ready to be inspired to create unique content, leverage AI in educational settings, and streamline your workflow.
This workshop emphasizes hands-on learning - we will actively engage with various tools and scenarios, equipping you with the skills to enhance your expertise and continue your journey in AI.

JUNE 2, 2024

5:00 - 8:00 PM CEST (GMT+2)


  • Fundamental Understanding of AI:
    To effectively work with any tool, it's crucial to understand its functionality and purpose. We'll cover basic AI terminology, delve into its history and development, and discuss where AI is already commonly used - some uses might even surprise you!
  • Using AI in Education:
    How can AI aid in content creation and assist with your work? The workshop will focus on practical demonstrations and experimenting with commands to inspire and collectively devise ways to utilize AI.
  • Diverse Tools and Building Fundamental Knowledge:
    The workshop aims to open paths for using AI in both personal life and the workplace. With the knowledge gained, participants will be able to continue exploring and applying their new skills.
  • The Prompts:
    Prompts are the cornerstone of interacting with AI models. They serve as the language we use to communicate with machines, ensuring they understand us. Our goal is to make this language as direct, clear, and unambiguous as possible to facilitate smooth communication.
  • Practical Demonstrations and Using AI in Exercises:
    During the workshop, we'll create practice accounts and examine different outcomes from various prompts. You'll also have the opportunity to actively engage in the process.
  • Q&A
    At the end of the workshop you will have an opportunity to ask anything you want to know about the extensive possibilities of using AI models.


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Ondrej Cepelak

Ondrej has been specializing in educating users on new technologies and trends for over 10 years. As a seasoned IT professional, he interacts daily with artificial intelligence, actively developing methodologies and workflows to optimize work and leverage all technologies available today. He believes in hands-on knowledge transfer, working directly with workshop participants and utilizing practical demonstrations to facilitate understanding of complex subjects.

Ondrej has provided training for users from the Czech Ministry, the National Pedagogical Institute, as well as numerous private and state-owned companies. Currently, he manages Hospital Information Systems in hospitals and explores the potential for AI development in this sector. A few months ago, while working on his own AI model - intended (unsuccessfully) to replace him in household cleaning - he was reached by a Montessori guide for help and introduced to the Montessori environment. Since then, he has been collaborating on strategies and educational tools to enhance the use of AI in education.

"AI is neither good nor evil. It’s a tool. It’s a technology for us to use."

Oren Etzioni

The workshop starts in:

The workshop starts in:

    Live on Zoom
    Accessible for 3 months
    English, with Czech interpretation
    English, Czech
    Issued by Montessori Institute Prague


  • This workshop is designed for those who are eager to learn about the world of artificial intelligence.
  • It is ideal for those interested in understanding the history of AI, how it functions, and how to apply it both in personal and professional contexts.
  • For Montessori guides, assistants, administrators, and school principals. Parents are welcome as well.


RECORDINGS for 1 person
47 EUR
access for 3 months after the workshop
✔ Recordings in English, Czech
✔ Access to recordings until September 30, 2024
✔ You can enjoy the workshop at a day and time that suits you best
✔ Proof of Completion issued by Montessori Institute Prague
RECORDINGS for 1 school
97 EUR
access for 3 months after the workshop
✔ Recordings in English, Czech
✔ Access to recordings until September 30, 2024
✔ You can enjoy the workshop at a day and time that suits you best
✔ Proof of Completion issued by Montessori Institute Prague
✔ Shareable within 1 school

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