Montessori Environments

0-3 Environment

The Montessori 0-3 Environment is a nurturing and safe space designed for infants and toddlers. It provides a calm and inviting atmosphere with age-appropriate materials and furniture, fostering independence and sensory exploration.

3-6 Environment

The Montessori 3-6 Environment, also known as the Children's House, is a vibrant and purposeful space. It offers a wide range of Montessori materials and activities that promote independent learning, critical thinking, and the development of various skills.

6-12 Environment

The Montessori 6-12 Environment is an engaging and inclusive space for children in the elementary age range. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on materials, and a supportive community that fosters curiosity, collaboration, and a love of learning.

Did you know we have developed our own materials for 0-3 environment together with AMI Trainer, Heidi Philippart?

As you may know yourself, getting the right kind of material for you classroom or home environment can be challenging at times. We have also encountered such problem ourselves in 0-3 environment as we needed hand washing, cloth washing and dish washing stands. There were not any that we found to be answering the needs of the child properly.

Fortunately, we were able to design it ourselves thanks to immense help of Heidi, our 0-3 AMI Trainer, and Mimimo, furniture manufacturer.