for Parents, Assistants & Guides


with Carla Foster & Kyla Morenz

Child Development Insights:
Understand the developmental stages and balance between imagination and logic in 6-12 year-olds.
Practical Strategies:
Learn how to address common questions and challenges to support children's growth.
Emotional and Rational Balance:
Help children manage emotions and develop reasoning skills for well-rounded growth.

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This online course consists of 10 videos which will help you better understand the 6-12 child.

The videos address common questions that children have, such as why winter is cold and why 10 minutes sometimes feel too short, emphasizing the importance of imagination and logical thinking during these formative years.

As children actively explore and create, their robust imagination and developing reasoning abilities become powerful tools. This course will be your guide and first aid kit, providing insights into the emotional and rational aspects of child development from ages 6 to 12.


...your essential guide to the dynamic and imaginative world of the 6-12 child. Discover how imagination and logic play crucial roles during these years, and gain practical insights into fostering their growth.

  • Fully online & pre-recorded
  • By AMI trainers
    Carla Foster and Kyla Morenz
  • 10 videos
    on a variety of different topics
  • FREE of charge


The main goal of Nature’s plan for development of the human being from 6-12 is to help build the individual that is able and willing to be a contributing member of society.  Building a human being that can contribute, that has resources to fulfill both physical and spiritual needs, is hard work. This course will help you understand many different areas of a life of a child between 6-12 years.

  • Reasoning mind
  • Self-evaluation
  • Mind mapping
  • Moral development
  • Social development
  • Sense of adventure & more!


  • Parents and guardians
  • Montessori assistants and teachers, especially in Elementary (6-12)
  • Anyone interested in learning about a child aged 6-12 years



Kyla Morenz

Kyla Morenz is an AMI Elementary Trainer from Toronto, Canada. She has a B.A. from the University of Waterloo and her M.Ed. from Loyola University in Maryland. In 2011, she obtained her TESOL certificate from the University of Toronto, Woodsworth College. She has AMI diplomas at both the 3-6 and 6-12 levels.

Kyla has taught in 6-9, 9-12, and 6-12 environments in Canada and Morocco. She has lectured on courses in North America and Europe. Kyla is also currently part of the expert team in Bilingual Montessori Erasmus project run by Montessori Institute Prague.

Kyla currently trains the 4th 6-12 AMI Diploma Course in Prague.

Carla Foster

Carla holds AMI 3-6 and 6-12 diplomas from MMI in London and the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee. She has worked with children at levels 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12, working in both private and public Montessori schools. She has been an elementary trainer since 2011.

Carla is originally from California but has lived in Norway since 1995, where she had a 6-9 class for 12 years and consults for schools in Norway. She has also taught ballet, modern dance, African dance, and Irish dance for many years and has given workshops on writing and bringing drama, music, and dance into the elementary classroom.

Carla currently trains the 4th 6-12 AMI Diploma Course in Prague.

This course was created as a part of our Erasmus+ project

Learning Together: Parent Education

About the project:

Our goal is to provide parents with digital tools and resources that enhance their child's learning experience. By collaborating with schools and authorities, we aim to improve educational processes in schools and at home. We want to build a community where parents can find up-to-date information, share insights, learn, and grow together. Through our activities such as webinars, online modules, and staff meetings, we strive to empower educators and parents with the knowledge and strategies to implement effective Montessori-based education. 

Type: KA122-ADU - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in adult education

Duration: 18 months

End of the project:

Status: Ongoing