Make Your Montessori Dream Project Come True in 2023!

Online Group Mentoring Program
Mirka Vlckova, Founder and Chief Enthusiasm Officer of MIP & Founder and Board Chair of Montessori Schools Andilek
Online on Zoom
6 sessions of 1,5 hours - starting the week of March 27, 2023

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The program will start the week of March 27, 2023. We will choose a working day together which best fits the group. The time of sessions is from 3:30 to 5:00 PM CET. We will meet for 6 consecutive weeks. There will be 6 candidates chosen for the group, carefully selected to work with me and with you, enriching others, encouraging each other and pulling together toward your Montessori dream coming true.

You will need to be strongly motivated to do concrete work in between sessions - approximately 2 hours a week, and bring and share results of your work with the group. I want people in the group who will happily and excitedly do the work, and who want to see a real concrete transformation by the end of the mentoring. Think carefully if this is you. I rely on you to study your heart and make a commitment to me and to your dream. Thank you.

Do not expect lectures during our sessions, there are plenty of courses out there which give information. My group will be about you doing the work. My group will be about making your project come off the ground. I am not aiming at feeding you information, I am aiming at your transformation! 

All sessions will be workshops and you will walk away each Monday with an outcome and a task to do, leading up to moving on with what you dream about. My work will not be to give you answers, but I will guide you through the process, based on years of experience with executing all kinds of projects. 

Do you have a Montessori dream project on your mind that you want to start?

Do you want to open your own Montessori school, training center, mommy and me group, parent support center, association?

Do you want to start your own Montessori business? 

I have done it!
I will work with you. I will help you.

Make your Montessori dream come true!

In 2023!

  • A fully online mentoring program
  • 6 sessions, each 1.5 hours
  • Fully guided project planning
    I will provide structure for you to solidify your mission, vision and to acknowledge your values. We will look at your context, do benchmarks together, we will analyze your skills and weaknesses. You will create a feasilbity study, budgets and pedagogical framework. And you will walk away with a core business plan.
  • Intimate group of people like you
    A group of 6 Montessorians who have a big dream and want to make it happen
  • Fee: 6 x 250 Eur
    Two payment plans available

How did I make my dream come true?

In 2008 I became pregnant with my first child. I was a new mother, tired, lonely, scared. I had no money.

But I had a dream...

From 2008, when I started a small family centre from scratch, I went to opening a Primary Program in 2009, to hosting the first AMI 3-6 Diploma Course for Central and Eastern Europe in 2010, to hosting an AMI 6-12 Diploma Course, to opening an Elementary program in our School in 2013, to hosting the AMI Congress in 2017 which was attended by 2 000 Montessorians from the whole world, to opening an Adolescent Program in 2019 and to buying a farm for our students in 2021, and to MIP as you know it today, always being there, working to support you in your amazing work, leading the way and shining the light of hope and inspiration on all of our paths. 

I had a dream and I made it come true...

And it seems, you all have dreams and projects you want to make come true as well!!!

I have been receiving many emails from you, asking me to help you start your own Montessori organizations, and learn how to write grant applications to help you with funding your start-ups. Having reflected on all the work I have done since day 1, when I was a mother pregnant with a child and not having a penny, but having a big dream, to bring Montessori to you all, I decided it is time I share my knowledge and expertise with you. I know I can help you and you have been asking me for this so much!

It took me 14 years to get where I am and it cost me lots of lost money on sidetrack projects and unnecessary investments.

It does not have to take you that long at all, with the right support. I agree with you!

If you have a big dream yourself and if you are thinking of opening your own Montessori school or a Montessori organization of some other kind, a training centre, or some type of a Montessori business, come and work with me. I WILL help you jumpstart your vision and make your dream come true and I will save you lost money!! I am so happy you asked me to do this :)!

I am starting a 6-week group online mentoring program for 6 wonderful and courageous people (starting already in January!), and I am calling it Make Your Montessori Dream Project Come True in 2023!

You will be able to pick my brain and learn from my story and from my lessons. We will look at your vision, you will create a mission statement, I will help you with a feasibility study and you will walk away with a core of a business plan, encouraged, and ready to do it. 

I made my dream come true in 14 years. You can do it too! And much faster and much cheaper! Because you do not have to do it alone! You can benefit from all that I have done and learned myself."

I am looking forward to hearing from you if you see yourself in me and if you want to make your dream project come true, with me helping you with it!

Sincerly yours, Mirka Vlčková

Founder of Montessori Institute Prague & Montessori Schools Andilek

6 online sessions

6 dedicated Montessorians

6 dream projects to start

1 group energy taking off

Is this program for you?

You want to give yourself the gift of time focusing on your dream project. 

You want to invest in your dream project coming true and save money you will loose if you are doing your project alone. 

You will need to be strongly motivated to do concrete work in between sessions.

You will need to attend all sessions live. 

We will work on an online platform together. 

You will have tasks to do before sessions and after sessions. 

You will receive sample materials, contracts, handouts, articles. 

You will have 24 hour access to me for period of 6 weeks. 

You can pick my brain about anything you need. 


By the end of Week 6

you will know clearly what is your mission and your vision, what are your values and if they are at the heart of your project, you will have done a swot analysis, a feasibility study, a budget and a basic business plan. These things will help you believe in yourself and that you can do it. I will share how I have done it. If I can, you can too!

You are giving yourself a gift of time

to focus on your project. No project ever got off the ground without its creator sitting down, thinking it through and making a commitment to it. You are giving this gift to yourself and to your dream coming true. I trust you are serious about it and I cannot wait to help you focus and get to work.

You will have organized and mapped out

your thoughts in mind maps, captured your other and new ideas, you will know your resources, your opportunities, but also your fears and the threats to your project, and you will make a safe plan of 3 next steps to take.

You will leave with templates of documents and articles

to read and be inspired by. I will also share all links to resources I use when starting my own projects. We will also touch upon fundraising and grant writing. This helped me a lot to open our school in Prague.

You will create a close professional bond

with 5 other Montessori colleagues and me, which you can use in the future as a support and reference point. And who knows, we may come up with some joint projects, helping each other grow.

Each Monday, you will walk away with a task to do,

leading up to moving on with what you dream. My work will not be to give you answers, but I will guide you through the process, based on years of experience with executing all kinds of projects.


I want to join the mentoring program!

6 x 250€

per person

  • 6 sessions
  • Fully online mentoring program
  • Intimate group of people like you
  • 24 hour access to me for 6 weeks

A) Contact me and tell me about your dream:

This is me :).... I am happy to get to know you and work with you!

I am a mother of four children who inspired her Montessori journey. When my first child was born, I initiated a Montessori mother’s group, later I started a Montessori Primary School, followed by Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary School and an Adolescent Program. Alongside with my school I developed Montessori Institute Prague, an AMI Training Organisation for Central and Eastern Europe. In 2017 MIP hosted AMI 28th International Congress in Prague, which was visited by 2 000 Montessorians from all over the world.

My missison is to help you make your dream come true!

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