Observation in an Elementary (6-12) Classroom

with Kyla Morenz, AMI 6-12 Trainer

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February 18

4:00 - 8:00 PM CET (GMT+1)


March 4

4:00 - 8:00 PM CET (GMT+1)


March 18

4:00 - 8:00 PM CET (GMT+1)


May 6

4:00 - 6:00 PM CEST (GMT+2)

Are you struggling with putting theory on observation into practice?

Would you like to improve the set-up of your classroom, but you are not sure where to start?

Join this practical hands-on workshop

with AMI teacher trainer Kyla Morenz

to work towards a well prepared elementary environment understood through effective observation.


Dr. Maria Montessori asks us to be scientific observers in the classroom.

This series of online sessions are designed by well experienced AMI 6-12 Teacher Trainer KYLA MORENZ to deepen our understanding of Dr. Montessori's description of observation and provide practical observation activities that support the work of the prepared adult working with children in the second plane of development.

Small group discussions and observation activities during the live sessions will support the development of our observation skills and help identify what we are looking for when we observe.

Observation activities for those working in a 6-12 classroom between the sessions will provide a foundation for reflection and deeper discussions about how to use the observations gathered from the classroom.

  • Designed by AMI 6-12 Trainer
    This series of online sessions are designed by well experienced AMI 6-12 Teacher Trainer KYLA MORENZ.
  • Support and feedback
    During the workshop participants will receive support and feedback from Kyla Morenz while working on their daily observations.
  • Preparation tasks
    Throughout the workshop simple tasks will be given to help to get prepared for the sessions and further observation work in the classroom.
  • Group discussions
    During the live sessions participants will be divided into small discussion groups to work together on given topics.
  • Observation activities
    Between the sessions observation activities will be offered to practice in the classroom.
  • Bonus Q&A Session
    In 2 months after the workshop questions that might emerge from day-to-day observations in the elementary classroom will be addressed in a special two hours long Bonus Q&A Session.


  • Montessori guides
    working with elementary (6-12) children in a Montessori classroom
  • Montessori classroom assistants
    wanting to learn more on how observation informs their own work with children and to support the guide
  • Montessori school administrators
    to gain a better understanding of elementary environment and to support guides working with children in elementary

”It would seem that to know how to observe was very simple, and needed no explanation. Perhaps you think it would be sufficient to be in a classroom in a school, and to look and see what happens. But to observe is not as simple as that. Any methodical observation which one wishes to make requires preparation.”

Dr. Maria Montessori


FEBRUARY 18, 2023


Observation: the Prepared Environment and the Prepared Adult

During this introductory session, we will consider the role of the adult with regards to observation in general and the role of the prepared environment with particular reference to second plane children. What does Dr. Montessori ask us to do when we observe? What are we to look for? Why do we observe? This session will be interesting for anyone working with children, also for parents and administrators.

  • You will receive a task before this session that will help you to get prepared for the workshop.
  • You will leave this session with an observation activity to practice in your classroom before the next session.

MARCH 4, 2023


Observing the Children in the Environment

During the second session we will consider more closely the characteristics particular to the child in the second plane of development with regards to observation. What are we looking for when we observe the children in a prepared 6-12 environment? How do we observe the social dynamics of the classroom? How are we able to observe the intellectual and moral development of children during this second plane of development?

  • The second session will start with a discussion about your observations during the week.
  • You will leave it with another task touching upon the prepared environment to complete before the next session.

MARCH 18, 2023


Using our Observations to Inform our Practice

Reflecting upon our observations and what they tell us about the development of each individual child in the classroom as well as the community as a whole is the next step. Our observations impact what we do with the children in our classroom. Over time and repeated observation we reflect upon what we have recorded and we use these observations and reflections to plan further presentations and work for ourselves and the children in the classroom.

  • The workshop will finish with a continuous observation task for you to practice in your classroom. 

MAY 6, 2023


In three months after the workshop we will come together once again and discuss the results of our observation work in a classroom. What changes have we made in the prepared environment to meet the needs of elementary children? What have worked to resolve the problematic matters? What still needs an improvement? During this Bonus Q&A Session we will address the most pressing questions that will emerge from our day-to-day observation work in the elementary classroom and share the good practice.

  • Use this special Bonus Q&A Session to ask questions that will arise after putting theory into everyday practice!


  • English
  • Interpretation: Czech


  • Certificate of attendance issued by Montessori Institute Prague
  • Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic


  • In English, Czech
  • Available until May 31, 2023


RECORDINGS for 1 person
98 EUR
per person
✔ Access to RECORDINGS of the LECTURES from the workshop until May 31, 2023
✔ Proof of completion of the workshop
✔ You can watch the lectures at a day and time that suits you best
RECORDINGS for 1 school
208 EUR
per school
✔ Access to RECORDINGS of the LECTURES from the workshop until May 31, 2023
✔ Proof of completion of the workshop
✔ You can watch the lectures at a day and time that suits you best
✔ Recordings can be shared WITHIN A SCHOOL

”It is obvious that the possession of senses and of knowledge is not sufficient to enable a person to observe. It is a habit that must be developed by practice.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Kyla Morenz, AMI 6-12 Trainer

Kyla Morenz is an AMI 6-12 Elementary Trainer from Toronto, Canada. Currently she is a co-Director of Training at Montessori Institute Prague, Czech Republic and a trainer working in Collonges-sous-Salève, France. She has taught in 6-9, 9-12, and 6-12 elementary Montessori environments in Canada and Morocco.

She has particular interest in bilingual education, developing language materials for the elementary classroom, and adult learning and education. In addition to her work on diploma and orientation courses, Kyla regularly presents workshops for parents, classroom guides and assistants.

She mentors teachers and schools with 6-12 programs in Canada and the Czech Republic. She has lectured on AMI elementary diploma courses in Ireland, England, Canada, United States, and France.

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