Deciding about the Right Montessori Education for Yourself?

As you navigate your Montessori education journey, you may find yourself pondering various questions: What age group do I want to work with? Do I want to teach or be a classroom assistant? Where can I receive quality Montessori education – through AMI, AMS, or some national Montessori education provider?

A Google search for “Montessori teacher training” presents several options, including a list of Montessori training centers and other organizations worldwide, each offering different courses. The challenge now lies in deciding which one to choose and how to identify a high-quality education provider.

Montessori Institute Prague – A Training Center in the Heart of Europe with a 10-Year Tradition

Established in 2014, Montessori Institute Prague obtained accreditation from the Association Montessori Internationale in the same year, granting it the authority to offer international adult educational programs. With over 350 alumni of AMI Diploma Courses for Assistants to Infancy (0-3), Primary (3-6), and Elementary (6-12), and 1500 alumni of AMI Certificate Orientation Courses for classroom assistants and Montessori school administrators we rank among the largest and most experienced training centers globally.

Our headquarters, a beautiful villa in Prague, provides educational spaces for students, Montessori environments for individual age categories, a well-equipped kitchen, and a delightful garden—utilized for teaching and relaxation during warm months.

Headquarters of the Montessori Institute Prague | MIP archive

Prague: A Budget-Friendly, Secure, and Vibrant Hub for Your Education and Culinary Exploration

Situated in the heart of Europe, Prague offers convenient accessibility for students from various corners of the globe. Boasting the fourth-ranking public transportation system in Europe, the city ensures swift and efficient travel via subway, trams, or buses, making historical heritage easily reachable within a few minutes. Renowned for its safety, Prague stands among the safest cities globally, and its vibrant culture and rich culinary scene provide a dynamic environment for exploration and immersion. Prague is the ideal city for your study.

Prague | Prague Convention Bureau photobank

Our Amazing Trainers Will Guide You Successfully Throughout the Courses

Rest assured that esteemed trainers will play a pivotal role in guiding you successfully through your Montessori journey. Our trainers are AMI certified, ensuring the highest quality of provided education. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they create a supportive and enriching atmosphere. We collaborate with world-renowned trainers, including Heidi Philippart (0-3), Elina Rautasalo (3-6), Madlena Ulrich (3-6), Carla Foster (6-12), Kyla Morenz (6-12), Sue Pritzker (Administrators), and Jenny Höglund (12-18).

Start Your AMI 6-12 Diploma Course This Year

Embark on your AMI 6-12 Diploma Course this year with the expertise of acclaimed AMI trainers Kyla Morenz and Carla Foster. The journey of becoming an internationally certified guide begins in April 2024, promising an enriching and transformative experience under the guidance of Carla and Kyla. AMI is globally recognized as the leader in Montessori education, with certified training known for its rigor, depth, and authenticity.

The course focuses on the development of the child and an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human beings, their endeavors, and their relationship with the universe for children aged six to twelve. 
Curious about experiencing the AMI 6-12 Diploma Course in Prague? Explore the best tips and insights about studying in Prague in our new Prague Handbook!