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22.4. 2024

Mirka & Team in Norway: What did We Learn?

Hey friends! I have a question for you: What is your big vision? I mean, if you could make a list of all the things you would like to do before your time on this planet is over, what would be on it? I asked myself the same question the other day as we were working on our visions...

15.3. 2024

Building Bridges: How to Find a Job or a Teacher

Montessori schools struggle to find trained Montessori teachers or candidates to sponsor for studies. On the other hand, Montessori-trained teachers struggle to find good quality Montessori schools willing to employ them, and individuals seeking Montessori education often can’t find schools that offer sponsorship. As the founder of an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Montessori teacher training...

6.3. 2024

Explore the AMI Administrators Certificate Course in 2024

Are you eager to expand your knowledge and expertise in Montessori education as a leader or school administrator? Look no further than the upcoming AMI Administrators Certificate Course in 2024! The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is renowned for its commitment to providing the highest-quality Montessori education. One means of supporting this mission is the AMI Administrators...

28.2. 2024

Deciding about the Right Montessori Education for Yourself?

As you navigate your Montessori education journey, you may find yourself pondering various questions: What age group do I want to work with? Do I want to teach or be a classroom assistant? Where can I receive quality Montessori education – through AMI, AMS, or some national Montessori education provider? A Google search for “Montessori teacher training” presents several options, including...

14.2. 2024

“Why Is Montessori Bad?”

Did you ever think to ask yourself this question? I bet you didn’t! I didn’t think so either until today when I started creating a survey about the quality of Montessori in schools, planning to ask you about your experience. When one is creating a survey, one should be objective and approach the topic without preconceptions. My preconceived notion is...

29.3. 2023

Fearless Culture in Montessori Organizations

There is an elephant in the room but nobody wants to talk about it. Do you know the feeling? There are two types of cultures in our Montessori organizations: fearful and fearless. Which one is yours? Research shows that fear is one of the most pervasive feelings at work. And I have seen that our Montessori organizations...

21.6. 2022

Difficult Behavior in the Classroom – Online workshop with Amy Williams

”All bad behavior is really a request for love, attention, or validation.” Kimberly Giles, Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness We have just launched the online workshop led by Amy Williams. It was devoted to the work with difficult behaviors in the classrooms, and it was aimed at assisting adults in their work with the children....