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17.3. 2023

🎙️Podcast, Ep.4: The Story of a Lifelong Montessori Service to Others with Sue Pritzker

Sue is an AMI 3-6 trained guide who early in her carrier became a school leader. She has served for more than 30 years to the community of Childpeace Montessori School in Portland Oregon as well as to the global Montessori community. She is an AMI trainer for school administrators, a trainer for the WSLI, she speaks,...

1.3. 2023

🎙️Podcast, Ep.3: The Story of Jenny Hoglund and her work with adolescents and adolescent workers

Jenny Hoglund is an AMI 12-18 and 6-12 Trainer. When she does not travel all over the world directing AMI courses, she lives in Sweden. Jenny founded Varberg Montessori School which serves children from 15 months to 15 years of age. And she founded and runs The Montessori Centre for Work and Study Lara for...

15.2. 2023

🎙️Podcast, Ep.2: The Story of Elina Rautasalo and what it is like to become an AMI Trainer

Elina Rautasalo is an AMI 3-6 Montessori Teacher Trainer. Currently living in Prague, Elina is a part of the Montessori Institute Prague training team. She also directs 3-6 Diploma Courses in other countries. Apart from her training work, Elina travels around the world as a speaker and a consultant. Enjoy the story of a young woman who moved from...

6.2. 2023

🎙️Podcast, Ep.1: The story of Anna Volokhova and her work for Montessori in Ukraine

Anna Volokhova and her story of Montessori in Ukraine Kyiv resident, ambulance doctor, activist, volunteer of the Red Cross Rapid Response Unit during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, coordinator of the medical support of hospitals in the east during 2022, Anna is a real life hero. She is a Montessori еducator for ages 0-3 and 3-6...