I still cannot believe David Kahn showed up for Talk to Mirka!

When I saw “DavidKahn” in the Zoom waiting room, I said to my colleagues: “No way David is coming! This must be one of his colleagues from the NAMTA office.”

Well, he did! It was him! How wonderful it was to see him again. I was close to tears when I saw David on my screen. We have not seen each other since 2017 during the Prague AMI Congress…

Our Hot Seat guest Brian Surkan of Crystal Lake Montessori School had the privilege to pick the brain of The Guru on Montessori adolescent work. But! Also many other amazing and brave practitioners shared! And we collected so many resources and helpful links to support adolescent program workers in their quest!

If you do not know who David Kahn is, check out the NAMTA website. David has been the Executive Director of the North American Montessori Teachers Association for more than two decades. NAMTA provides schools, teachers, and parents with the support to further Montessori principles and understanding. Make sure to look at the resources which NAMTA offers on its website.

David is the author of The Whole School Montessori Handbook which is a must read for every Montessorian. He trained with Mario Montessori in Bergamo and developed Montessori’s work on the adolescent plane, together with Jenny Hoglund. It is no exaggeration to say that David is the world leader in adolescent work.

In 2017 David and I created the program for the AMI Congress in Prague together. It was thanks to David that we were able to bring the community of 2 000 Montessorians from all over the world around the topic of Montessori Education for Social Change with focus on the adolescent plane.

If you want to watch the replay of this historical session, please go to our closed Facebook group “Montessori Institute Prague Hub”. The replay will be there for a week more or so.

And you are all invited to this amazing workshop with David!

I am still breathing and reflecting on Monday. Yet another confirmation that we are on a good track. I am so thankful!

See you again next week for Talk to Mirka, at 4pm CEST. You can join us here. Talk to Mirka are free Montessori community Zoom calls where you can come and ask anything you need – about pedagogy, administration, dreams, problems, anything.. We talk and support each other by looking for answers to questions as a group. 

See you!

Yours, Mirka

PS: Here you can download the Montessori Adolescent Program Methodology we created with David and Jenny in 2017 in our Erasmus Adolescent Project. Free of charge and free for sharing.