✉️Newsletter: Pink Earrings, Montessori Diploma Courses and Brave Students


Dear colleagues and friends around the world, hello!

As you can see, I added a new “feature” to my letter to you: the highlights!

I am thinking about how to share from my heart to yours all the time.
There are so many newsletters and emails out there, it is a complete electronic fog. I want my letter to stand out and to truly connect with you, to pierce through the fog right to you.

The highlights are meant to work almost as newsletter headlines. Pick what most appeals to you and click on it and read the section which most interests you.

So, what is it about the pink earrings?

There has been a secret package sitting on my desk for about 4 weeks. It was nicely wrapped, handmade paper, with a green bow and a blue flower. I did not know who brought it. I have been looking at it every day since it appeared on my desk, intending to open it when there is a quiet moment. Well…

Until yesterday.. I saw a colleague of mine wearing beautiful beige handmade earrings. I commented how I loved them. And she said: “But you have a pair on your desk too!” And I did! They are from Vilma, one of my mentees from Lithuania.

Vilma, sincere thank you! I love both pairs, pink and blue. I put them on right away and took a selfie on my way home from MIP. I felt happy and at peace.
I am doing what I love. I bring value. I am helping people bring Montessori to the world.

I gladly accept these earrings as an expression of your thanks and appreciation, Vilma. They mean a lot to me. And I also acknowledge that “there will never be a quiet moment.” I create my quiet moments. Next time, I will create it right away!

In the next photo, you can see a group of our Elementary Diploma Course Students, together with Carla Foster and Kyla Morenz, their trainers. I feel like they need a little cheering, as they are heading for their exams in 2 weeks, so I wrote them a little reminder…

When you first met Carla and Kyla, you were immediately drawn to them. Their knowledge and experience left you feeling devoted to learning everything they had to offer. Their jokes and interactions with each other made you never want to leave their presence.

As the course progressed, you realized the intensity of the training and how high the expectations were for both yourself and your trainers. At first, you thought it was just the first week, but as the assignments kept piling up, you began to feel overwhelmed and even hated your trainers at times.

However, as you continued through the modules, you slowly began to realize the incredible amount of knowledge and skills you were gaining. It was a painful and challenging process, but you loved it more than anything else you had ever experienced before.

By the end of the diploma course, you will have learned an unfathomable amount of knowledge and gained skills you never imagined you would. You will have experienced both pure joy and countless tears. You will have felt broken at times, but you will also have put yourself back together again.

And at the end of it all, you will have become a new person, ready to say hello to yourself. We want you to know that we love you and we are here for you every step of the way. You’re almost there!

And I apologize, this has become terribly long again!

So, the rest in bullet points:

  • The mini-interviews I shot at the AMI event in The Netherlands are here. They are fun! I spoke with some really important people. And they are all very inspiring.
  • We are reworking our website. It will be ready soon.
  • I will be sharing about a new project I am working on very soon. I am really really curious and excited about what you will think about it.

At the end, photo of Sophie and an Elementary pouch, with no explanation. Just because of the beauty. Thank you!

With much love and care, as always!