“Why Is Montessori Bad?”

Did you ever think to ask yourself this question? I bet you didn’t! I didn’t think so either until today when I started creating a survey about the quality of Montessori in schools, planning to ask you about your experience.

When one is creating a survey, one should be objective and approach the topic without preconceptions. My preconceived notion is that Montessori is good for children. Obviously. However, when you want to ask about quality, they questions can’t be biased and assume only “the good things” regarding the subject you want to learn about.

Inspired by this thought I googled “problems with Montessori quality” and wow!

“Why is Montessori bad?”
“Montessori criticisms, problems and disadvantages!”
“The miseducation of Maria Montessori.”

All of these and more came up. It caught me off guard. 

I absolutely believe in positive thinking and positive speaking. I absolutely believe that Montessori is good for children. I also absolutely believe in reflection and evaluation as the base for improvement and development. 

I went back to the survey and changed the questions to be objective and without preconceptions. Here is the survey. Will you let me know what you think about the quality of Montessori? We are applying for a grant and your answers will help us receive it. 

Thank you!