Our big dream CAME TRUE!

We have GREAT news to share!!!

And I don’t even know where to start to tell you the whole story. It is such a turmoil of thoughts and emotions that it is completely overwhelming. 

🧡 Our big dream CAME TRUE! 🧡

Montessori Institute Prague bought a farm and 80 000 m2 of land in a beautiful part of middle Bohemia, half an hour drive from Prague! 

What we already have there:

A beautiful self-sustainable house on the property
Huge grass fields
Plenty of fertile ground
Our own woods, a river creek, and even a natural pond!

Sixteen adolescent students from Montessori školy Andílek will start partial living and working at the farm in September 2021.

Over a period of 3 years, they will be fully boarding. Eventually, we will enroll international students. 

We have so much to share! We are so happy!

Imagine, we already have a great farm manager who will live at the farm with his wife. We will be planting trees in the fall. We will be learning how to tend our own 4 goats. And we will even have a baby goat in one month! 

Inhabitants: meet Róza, Janina, Růža and Bóža. 🙂
We will teach you how to pronounce their names once you come for a visit. 🙂

Side by side with developing the adolescent program, our vision is to build an extended arm of Montessori Institute Prague at the farm so that the international training for adolescent workers can take place directly there. We will also be running Montessori farm programs for families with young children… and much more. 

Searching for the perfect place for the farm, together.

To have a farm is the dream of almost every Montessori school, right?

Let our story be an encouragement to you that it can be done! And you do not have to be rich or have a rich investor. 

Always follow the child, even when looking for property. 🙂

If you have a similar dream, just keep working toward it every day. Take a step at a time and keep your eyes focused on the goal. When times are hard, take a breath and keep at it. 

Us bringing the trailer to the farm, in the pouring rain. 27.08.2021.

🟡It took us the establishment and development of Andílek 15 years ago. When we started our school, we had only a few children and we had faith that we can learn. Over the period of the last 13 years, we have been providing the school’s staff the opportunity to receive international AMI Montessori training. We are always focused on learning ourselves and growing together with our students.

🟡It took us the establishment and development of our own AMI training center. When we first thought of hosting an AMI training, we had no clue how it was done. It took lots of sweat and learning and amazingly, today MIP is so sustainable that it was able to take on a loan and buy the dreamed-about farm for its school.  

💛  No dream is too big to come true 💛. 

Take it one step at a time. Believe in yourself. Keep your eyes on your vision. Accept that it takes time. And be always ready to learn and grow. 

Bringing the trailer to the farm, 27.08. 2021.

As Kay Baker once said:

“Just keep doing the good work and things will work out.”

Keep her wise words in your minds and hearts. 

I feel great love and compassion for all those of you who are also dreamers.

We are with you. And we will be happy to share our learning experiences with you any time in the future when you feel you need a bit of support and encouragement.

We did it! And so will you!

On behalf of the two amazing teams, Andílek’s and MIP’s,

Mirka Vlčková

P.S. And of course, I can not skip this. Sincere thanks and our deepest gratitude go to:
💛  Hanka Chramostová, the rock and roll leader of our school, and all of her amazing team, including the ever coolest and bravest adolescent team.

💛  Vítězslav Janda who was the first member of our team to travel to Sweden to learn how to work with adolescents.

💛  Zuzana Kašparová, the head of our adolescent program and the leader of MIP’s adolescent vision.

💛 Jenny Hoglund, the AMI 12-18 trainer, and her colleagues, Lesley Ann Patrick, Karl Bruun and John McNamara who have supported us with their wisdom and love for years.

💛  All of the MIP team. I love you so dearly and I am grateful for you forever.

💛  Parents at Montessori školy Andílek who believe in us. 

💛  Our amazing, beautiful, smart, energetic students. You are our future and there is no better way to invest into the future than into you! We love you! And we cannot wait to show you the farm in a few days!!

💛  My best friend Jana, who never blinks an eye when I ask for her blessing for another of my crazy dreams.

💛  Kryštof, my 16-year-old son who left to Sweden to study at the Montessori farm when he was 12 and who is a living proof that Montessori farm programs are the most developmental environment for a young adolescent mind and soul.

💛💛 And last, but definitely not the least, my husband Matouš, who believes in me, in us, in Montessori, in our vision, and who said 💛 yes 💛 when I came to him and said: “will you support me to take on a loan for the rest of our lives”. No words can express…

This is me and Matouš. We were drinking beer after a long day of hard work. And we have decided it would be our first picture with the milk from our farm. It’s Photoshopped but makes us smile each time. 🙂