🎙️Podcast: Success Story of Montessori Adolescent Farm Program

Are you thinking about opening an adolescent program? As Darina says, “there is not one ideal blueprint on how to do that”. You will have to find your own way. However, Montessori Perlička in Brno, Czech Republic, is a shining example of successful implementation of Maria Montessori’s vision for adolescent education. 

She sits in a classroom, connected to our Zoom call on her phone, with the distant hum of a vacuum in the background. At the start, she expresses apologies for the “unprepared environment” for the podcast. By the end, she radiates excitement and pride about the incredible program she and her colleagues have built. She thanks me for listening and for the opportunity to share her story.

This is the essence of how we recorded this podcast.

I am immensely grateful to create opportunities for people whose daily mission is to change the world, allowing them to be heard and take pride in their work. I love this work. 

This is what the Montessori Love Stories That Need To Be Told Podcast is all about.

Darina Gurutidu leads a beautiful Montessori school in Brno, Czech Republic, the first in our country to run a program for children from 3 years old to high school age. Darina recently achieved the official registration of a Montessori Lyceum program, a groundbreaking success.

Despite her full schedule – leading her team, attending meetings, working with parents, and guiding adolescents – Darina graciously found a small window of time to discuss the Montessori adolescent work and study program she and her team are building.

The podcast’s atmosphere is authentically beautiful, mirroring Darina herself.

Enjoy the story. I am confident it will inspire you on your own journey, regardless of the program you are building. Darina and I felt a strong connection during this conversation, and I believe you will too when you listen.

Learn about Darina and her colleagues’ journey to the perfect property for their adolescent program and the magic place they found. Darina shares the impact of adding an adolescent program to their existing Montessori levels, how parents responded, students’ experience, the program’s structure, and how important it is to create a good team.

Darina also discusses the challenges and learning experiences they’ve encountered.

The International Montessori School Perlička‘s story in Brno is a success story. I hope the podcast conversation will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to connect with people who share the same mission and who are also facing similar challenges. Starting and running an adolescent program is demanding, but it is one of the most meaningful experiences you can create for yourself, your team, and, most importantly, your students and their parents.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or simply need to connect. Darina and I are planning a Zoom session where she will share her story live, allowing participants to ask questions. Stay tuned for that.

And if you haven’t pursued your adolescent training yet, there’s no time to wait! Whether you aspire to build an adolescent program or work with adolescents, training is essential. Even Darina confirms that :)! Join our fully online AMI Adolescent Certificate Course starting on December 4!

With love,