"The Most Essential Partnership"


Keynote with Sue Pritzker
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Panel with AMI trainers
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Practical session with Pam Wisner
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MAY 14, 2022

3:30 - 9:00 PM CEST (GMT+2)

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Kindness, manners, harmony, social cohesion or emotional security is not something a child can pick off the shelf and work with. The essential things are shaped by the relationship adults have with each other, with children, and with the environment. Social interactions are the lifeblood of a smoothly functioning classroom. The relationship between assistant and guide has a profound and long-lasting effect on the quality of a child's development. "This most essential partnership" sets the tone for all that happens in the Montessori classroom.

The role of the assistant is often misunderstood and misperceived. This misunderstanding has the potential to not only disrupt the relationship between the two adults in the classroom, but also to disrupt the classroom and affect all the children in it. First and foremost, the guide and assistant are partners on a shared journey towards a common vision. It's great when they respect each other's skills and talents, empower each other, and each enables the other's best work. Clarifying roles and expectations, agreeing on classroom routines or preparing the environment together contribute to this deeply. Each pair is unique and seeks its own format.

This conference aims to promote the quality of adults working together in the classroom and to awaken discussion around the field of assistants. How and where does this vital relationship begin? What is important to keep in mind to make it work well? What are the specifics of the two roles? What is the responsibility of the guide? What can assistants do and what, on the other hand, must they definitely not do? And why do we place so much emphasis on the value of communication?


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  • Interpretation: Czech, Spanish, Romanian


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"It is the quality of this relationship that we must take our example from: two people working together, constant allies, one giving strength to the other, each respecting the talents and abilities of the other, one making possible the work of the other through working well in his own right."

S. Girlato, AMI Examiner and Trainer


  • Tireless Montessori assistants and teachers.
  • Experienced and wise Montessori trainers.
  • Enthusiastic Montessori school owners, principals and administrators.
  • All those who are opening or planning to open their own Montessori school.
  • Montessori advocates and enthusiasts.


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"... it begins with the relationship between the pedagogical guide and the assistant. These two individuals must endeavour to establish a good relationship between themselves. They must be companions on a voyage together. ... This is important because this relationship will set the tone for the classroom."

S. Girlato, AMI Examiner and Trainer

3:30 PM CEST / 9:30 AM EST

Technical check-in

4:00 PM CEST / 10:00 AM EST


Interpretation into:
Czech, Spanish, Romanian

4:30 PM CEST / 10:30 AM EST

Keynote speech by Sue Pritzker and Pam Wisner

Interpretation into:
Czech, Spanish, Romanian

The Most Essential Partnership

The relationship between the Guide and the Classroom Assistant is one of the first that a child experiences outside of the home. Built upon humility, respect, and trust that relationship can be a model for healthy social interaction and division of labor.

What are the working assumptions, personal and professional, we need to put securely in place to assure both adults have an opportunity to grow in their roles? How can leadership support that developing relationship?

5:30 PM CEST / 11:30 AM EST


5:45 PM CEST / 11:45 AM EST

Panel discussion with trainers + QA

Interpretation into:
Czech, Spanish, Romanian

The Role of the Assistant

The role of the assistant is not firmly anchored, which can sometimes lead to assistants ending up with much more responsibility than they are prepared for. Assistants cannot feel confident and secure if they are automatically expected to perform unmentioned or undefined tasks. Is it possible to clearly say what is and is not part of the assistant's role in general? How do they contribute to children, classroom and the guide? Will their workload be the same in every classroom? Why is it crucial to identify their specific talents?

There is a general sense of fuzziness around the role of assistants. The intention of this panel discussion is to open up a dialogue on the role of the assistant, to sketch its contours and to offer options that you can use in your daily classroom practice.

7:00 PM CEST / 1:00 PM EST


7:30 PM CEST / 1:30 PM EST

Practical session with Sue Pritzker and Pam Wisner

Interpretation into:
Czech, Spanish, Romanian

Practical tips: How to Establish and Nourish the Partnership?

A shared vision is essential for the guide and assistant to become good partners. The attention, care and kindness they give to clarifying and achieving common goals strengthens their relationship and creates a harmonious atmosphere in the classroom.

This workshop will give you practical tips to the main areas that contribute significantly to establishing and building a good and stable relationship:

✔ Setting up a space for regular communication,
✔ Clearly defining roles and clarifying mutual expectations,
✔ Aligning behaviour in the classroom and interaction with children,
✔ Agreeing on routines and scheduling maintanance of the classroom environment,
✔ The identification and use of unique skills and talents of both adults.

8:25 PM CEST / 2:25 PM EST

Community Activity

Interpretation into:
Czech, Spanish, Romanian

Copy my Masterpiece

When two classroom colleagues work together, they strive everyday to share their perspectives and how to best support each other’s work. Clear, consistent, and patient communication is needed. Everyday. All day. But in a busy classroom we can miss cues from each other and have less than ideal communication. In this fun exercise we will put on display two people working together to accomplish a shared goal, using concise communication. We will notice what works well? What didn’t work well? And how can we use this example to better our communication with our classroom colleague. We also hope to have some fun along the way!

8:45 PM CEST / 2:45 PM EST


Interpretation into:
Czech, Spanish, Romanian

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