Farm Office Day in Senešnice.

Thursday, August 4, 2022, started with busy preparations for the AMI Montessori 12-18 Orientation Certificate Course on our Montessori Farm Senešnice.

Mirka was there early in the morning, took care of the house and the goats, and continued with her Farm Office Day.

But this day was going to bring a bit of a twist to the calm work day on the farm because colleagues from MIP were on their way for a visit.

The way to the farm was very smooth, there is a direct bus connection that goes from Prague. We traveled for around 1 hour, enjoying the views of the Vltava river, and soon arrived at the farm gate.

The day was warm and sunny, so we swam in the pool, allowing our children to enjoy, play, and relax.

We sat outside, talked, and discussed plans for the upcoming course, as well as what will be on the farm in autumn.

Some of the meetings even took place in the swimming pool, and we enjoyed the informal atmosphere of having discussions related to work, but in a relaxed and chilled way.

The tasty lunch was made by the children, and we enjoyed eating food together.

The goats were hiding from the bright sun in their shed, but once Mirka came to check the outside lecture area, they were right there to greet her, and we got to say hi to them as well.

In the afternoon we grabbed our tired and happy children and went to catch a bus back to Prague.