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24.11. 2023

🎙️Podcast: Success Story of Montessori Adolescent Farm Program

Are you thinking about opening an adolescent program? As Darina says, “there is not one ideal blueprint on how to do that”. You will have to find your own way. However, Montessori Perlička in Brno, Czech Republic, is a shining example of successful implementation of Maria Montessori’s vision for adolescent education.  She sits in a classroom, connected to our...

26.4. 2023

🎙️Podcast: “Where Is Emina?” The story of a unique borderless partnership to support underprivileged children

Emina Šakovic is a psychologist and the Founder of Montessori Educational Center Jedinstvena Generacija. She lives and works in Sarajevo in Bosnia.  Nina Rotello is the Founder of Montessori Origins. She lives and works in the United States. She is originally from Bosnia.  Emina and Nina share a mission. They believe that all children of the world have...

18.4. 2023

🎙️Podcast: The story of Carla Foster and Kyla Morenz and their passion for Montessori and love of humor

Carla Foster has been the AMI Director of Diploma Course at the University College, Høgskolen i Vestfold og Buskerud, in Norway. Kyla Morenz is an AMI Elementary Trainer from Toronto, Canada. They both currently train in Montessori Institute Prague and you can see them at an AMI 6-12 Diploma Course (starting in April, 2024) or AMI...

6.4. 2023

🎙️Podcast: The story of Lilian Bryan, a single mother of 5 children, who became an AMI Trainer

In 1968 Lilian Bryan was commissioned by Mario Montessori, son of Maria Montessori, to establish the Montessori Institute Atlanta, an AMI teacher training center. There Lilian directed AMI Primary(3-6)  teacher training courses for 43 years. The training center under her leadership became internationally acclaimed and very successful. Lilian Bryan’s many years of Montessori work have...

1.3. 2023

🎙️Podcast: The Story of Jenny Hoglund and her work with adolescents and adolescent workers

Jenny Hoglund is an AMI 12-18 and 6-12 Trainer. When she does not travel all over the world directing AMI courses, she lives in Sweden. Jenny founded Varberg Montessori School which serves children from 15 months to 15 years of age. And she founded and runs The Montessori Centre for Work and Study Lara for...

15.2. 2023

🎙️Podcast: The Story of Elina Rautasalo and what it is like to become an AMI Trainer

Elina Rautasalo is an AMI 3-6 Montessori Teacher Trainer. Currently living in Prague, Elina is a part of the Montessori Institute Prague training team. She also directs 3-6 Diploma Courses in other countries. Apart from her training work, Elina travels around the world as a speaker and a consultant. Enjoy the story of a young woman who moved from...