🎙️Podcast: “Where Is Emina?” The story of a unique borderless partnership to support underprivileged children

Emina Šakovic is a psychologist and the Founder of Montessori Educational Center Jedinstvena Generacija. She lives and works in Sarajevo in Bosnia.  Nina Rotello is the Founder of Montessori Origins. She lives and works in the United States. She is originally from Bosnia. 

Emina and Nina share a mission. They believe that all children of the world have the right to freedom and education from early childhood. They fight the scarcity of good quality education for young underprivileged children. 

In early 2022, they formed a very unique partnership. Jedinstvena Generacia is the eyes and ears of Montessori Origins on the ground in Bosnia. Emina helps Nina to bring the Montessori Origins vision to life in the Dom Bjelave Orphanage in Sarajevo. 

With Montessori Origins support, Jedinstvena Generacija facilitated the hiring of local teachers, provided on-site training and helped to build a Montessori environment for the children living  in extreme circumstances of the local orphanage. Montessori Origins is committed to support the work of Jedinstvena Generacia and all their future programs within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And, they are looking for “Eminas” in other countries. Are you “Emina”, interested in serving underprivileged children in your community? And are you looking for support and partnership with someone who has done this before? 

Reach out to Montessori Origins. They are looking for you!

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