The Latest Updates in Adolescent Work.

January 22, 2022, was the day of the Montessori Adolescents Online Global Community Conference. More than 100 Montessori Adolescent workers from all around the world gathered in a cozy online space we carefully prepared for them.

Paul Pillai shared valuable insights, stories from daily practice, and showed us the deep connection with the essence of adolescent work, and with the young people who attend the adolescent program at The Montessori Place in London, UK.

Paul mentioned during his keynote speech:

“Maria Montessori said that one cannot take a plant out of the soil and say it is free – for it, freedom is to be rooted in the soil.

Likewise, one cannot release a bird in the desert where there are no trees, and say it is free – for it, freedom requires a tree.”

Today, February 4, we are starting a new journey with the AMI 12-18 Orientation Certificate Course, with Jenny Marie Höglund, Lesley Ann Patrick, John McNamara, and Karl Bruun. This day is for the general orientation into the course, to tell more about our online environment and show the participants of the course what the work will look like in the upcoming weeks.

The course turned out to be truly international, and it is amazing how many people joined it, how the news spread all around the globe and now our online environment will have 5 languages in the game for simultaneous interpretation. We will announce another course as soon as we can, this cohort has been filled already.

How about our farm in Senešnice? We have some news, of course, let us share with you!

Just a few weeks ago Mirka Vlčková came to see the students at the farm.
The owner of the farm is Montessori Institute Prague, so Andílek is a tenant on the farm.

The students need to get attached to the environment and accept it as their own, this way they will take care of it, nurture and develop it.💥
But the foundation is to understand the legal relationships between organizations and set up communication between the owners and the school✍🏻.

Every month there will be a meeting at the farm for a community circle: the students – their guides – the farm owners. We will share plans, suggestions, projects, needs, areas that require support and development.🤝
Even at the first meeting, questions from students swarmed in:

❔ how can we work together?

❔ what does an o.p.s./s.r.o. mean?

❔ how much does what cost?

❔ Summer job opportunities at Institute workshops, how much can students earn for themselves and the community, and much more.

We are truly amazed by what children and then young students can do when given the opportunity and the right environment, guidance and opportunities to make responsible decisions on their own🌟
There are things they will never get just by sitting at their desks at school. They need to try things for real. The farm is the environment chosen for young people to grow. It’s like a life coach🏡 But not just LIKE, for the students it is their life now. Therefore, it needs to be filled with real worries and joys.
A REAL environment is a key to the further development and self-construction of these young people.🔑

It is in their hands now, and we will be there, to support them along the way.

We used the post written by Hana Chramostova, the principal of Montessori School Andilek.
We would like to thank Montessori School Andilek for sharing updates about life on the farm and for allowing us to share them in our blog.
The original post in Czech can be found on the official Facebook page of the school: