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12.1. 2023

✉️Newsletter: Human connection & Erasmus grant

Dear colleagues and friends,  I want to thank you for all the emails you sent me in response to my last new year message. It is humbling to read your words of appreciation, admiration and encouragement ❤️.  What warms my heart most of all is that many of you feel our story encourages you. And even though...

1.1. 2023

✉️Newsletter: Make your Montessori dream come true in 2023!

Dear Montessori friends and colleagues around the world, I just came back from our farm. I am sitting in front of my computer, thinking about you and about something nice and encouraging to say to you at the start of the year.🤗 At the farm, I took a small walk around the property, thinking about the past year...

19.9. 2022

Erasmus Bilingual Montessori Project Newsletter no. 2

Greetings to all of you from the Bilingual Montessori project team!  As we are entering a new school year, we are happy to share news about the progress of our project work during the last couple of months.  If you missed our first newsletter, here is a quick summary of what the Bilingual Montessori project is all...

17.8. 2022

August 2022 at the Montessori Farm – Adolescent Guides Gathering

The History of Adolescent Guides Gathering at the Montessori Farm in the Czech Republic.. because the ‘Why?’ is most important. When our non-profit organization Andílek was founded, little did we know about the needs of the adolescents, Maria Montessori’s vision of the prepared environment for young people, and about the farm.  It feels like ancient...

7.8. 2022

Farm Office Day in Senešnice.

Thursday, August 4, 2022, started with busy preparations for the AMI Montessori 12-18 Orientation Certificate Course on our Montessori Farm Senešnice. Mirka was there early in the morning, took care of the house and the goats, and continued with her Farm Office Day. But this day was going to bring a bit of a twist to the...

21.6. 2022

Difficult Behavior in the Classroom – Online workshop with Amy Williams

”All bad behavior is really a request for love, attention, or validation.” Kimberly Giles, Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness We have just launched the online workshop led by Amy Williams. It was devoted to the work with difficult behaviors in the classrooms, and it was aimed at assisting adults in their work with the children....

4.2. 2022

The Latest Updates in Adolescent Work.

January 22, 2022, was the day of the Montessori Adolescents Online Global Community Conference. More than 100 Montessori Adolescent workers from all around the world gathered in a cozy online space we carefully prepared for them. Paul Pillai shared valuable insights, stories from daily practice, and showed us the deep connection with the essence of adolescent...

11.1. 2022

Montessori Adolescent Program Development in Action.

Friday, January 8, was an important day for Montessori Institute Prague and Montessori School Andilek. We could call it the turning point of our adolescent program!🗝🎊 We’ve had the farm for our students for a few months now, but only now were they able to enter the house.🏡 Everything has its time, and so we also gave the previous...

28.8. 2021

Our big dream CAME TRUE!

We have GREAT news to share!!! And I don’t even know where to start to tell you the whole story. It is such a turmoil of thoughts and emotions that it is completely overwhelming.  🧡 Our big dream CAME TRUE! 🧡 Montessori Institute Prague bought a farm and 80 000 m2 of land in a beautiful part of middle...