✉️Newsletter: It is OK to talk about money in Montessori.

Dear Montessori colleagues and friends around the world, hello!

Today, I want to talk to you about money and Montessori.

It has been a theme for me since the start of the war in Ukraine. As the sole owner of Montessori Institute Prague, when we are not doing well financially, I worry a lot. I worry about MIP not being able to serve you anymore, the people on my team, and their families. Additionally, I worry about my family.

Since the beginning of 2022, it has been nothing but one huge financial worry and stress for me. Then something changed, and I got really sick from it. After many hours and days of reflection and soul-searching, I decided I am done with worrying. I cannot and will not live like this anymore. I cannot let my Montessori mission kill me.

I was unsure of how I would live, but I knew that torturing myself with the constant fear of money was over.

And right after that, as if all I have been doing up until now, as if all that our team was building all these years, it all started coming to fruition. You all started connecting with us on a deeper level, reaching out to us for help, our courses are filling up again, and our operations are running smoothly. Additionally, I can be of service to you in a way I have never been able to be before.

Do not rejoice yet! The question of money and Montessori is not answered. I still wonder what we Montessorians think about money, what money means to us, and why we are so bad at making it. Perhaps you have some thoughts you want to share with me about that?

Hit reply and write to me. I would like to know what you think and what your experience is.

Yours, free of worries,

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